This program is for dogs 8 weeks to 6 months of age. The program concentrates on teaching owners proper ways to communicate with their puppy in order to correct for unwanted behaviors like jumping, nipping and barking, chewing, etc. It also covers potty training, crate training, and basic commands like sit, wait, down and coming when called.


This program is for any dog over 6 months of age. It includes basic communication skills to correct for any unwanted behaviors like in the puppy kindergarten, if necessary. However, the major concentration of this program is to teach the owners how to train their own dogs. This is accomplished in a positive and consistent manner, through a total of 5 one-hour private lessons in your home, neighborhood, and possibly close by public areas like shopping centers or parks. During each lesson, the trainer will work with the dog, and then, through coaching, teach the owner how to effectively train the dog at home. Basic obedience commands may include heel, with me, auto-sit, sit, down, stay (1-5 min.), wait, and coming when called.


The Day School option allows the trainer to work one on one with the dog (without the owner) at the owner’s home for a total of 8 days across 2 weeks. Once the dog’s training is completed, the client receives 2 private lessons with the trainer. While in Day School, the dogs are worked in your home, neighborhood, any nearby bike trails, or town centers within walking distance (and in certain cases, a short drive away). This program focuses on creating a realistic environment with everyday distractions like bikes, kids, birds, squirrels, traffic, other dogs, etc., because these are the situations in which owners face the most challenge when walking their dogs. Your dog will learn 5 or 6 commands that are discussed and agreed upon with the trainer. If the dog is readily learning these commands, the trainer will automatically add additional commands that would make sense. This program allows the trainer to build a foundation of understanding for the dog and is especially helpful for owners who have busy schedules and cannot dedicate necessary blocks of time to train.


This course is for the more advanced dog. Owners who want to continue taking lessons with their dogs can enroll in this program once they have completed the basic obedience course. The main focus of this program is to strengthen the communication skills of the owner so that the dog is highly responsive to verbal commands from a greater distance. Commands include heel, auto-sit, down from a distance, sit from a down, recall from a distance and a return to heel position. This course will be of interest to those who like to train with their dog as a hobby as well as those who may compete in obedience. The intermediate course is available through Private lessons or the Day School Option.


This course is available to clients who complete the intermediate course and have received approval from their trainer.  Advanced obedience is all off-leash training.  Commands include heel, auto-sit, sit/sit-stay, down/down-stay, waiting at doors, coming when called.  The advanced course is available through Private Lessons or the Day School option.


Consultations are 1 hour and deal with one behavioral issue at a time.


Your dog will come to stay with me in my home. They will be loved and cared for as part of my family. They will be learning new commands and skills throughout every day while living in a structured environment. Commands to be covered will be discussed and agreed upon. Not every dog is a candidate for this program.


Any dog can repeat a course as a refresher.

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