Our Mission

Doggy Do Right's mission is to exceed all customers’ expectations by providing the best in the industry customer service and dog obedience training.

What We Do

Doggy Do Right (DDR) offers all levels of obedience training to any and all ages/breeds of dogs. All training/lessons are done privately (one on one) while concentrating heavily on working around every day distractions. This is accomplished by training in your home, neighborhood, town centers, dog friendly stores, etc.

Our Methodology

All of Doggy Do Right's training is private. The theory behind our training method is based on the owner becoming the "alpha" (top dog), through appropriate (calm) communication and respect. This means we are teaching the owners to establish dominance and become the pack leader in their relationship with their dog in order to provide stable leadership. Dominance is not punishment; rather it is the law of the pack. Since dogs live in a pack structure, a leader needs to be identified. By teaching owners how to play the "alpha" role, in a very responsible, consistent and kind way, dogs will understand what is expected of them. Essentially, this puts the dogs at ease because they knows their place in the pack, who is in control, and that they will be protected at all times.

Positive training with positive results...

Talk to us about what is going on with your four-legged family member(s), and we'll let you know how we can help!